I'm Not As Good As I Thought

by Makeshift Promise




Footloose Records (UK), Teenwolves Records (A), Realm Of Devla Records (H), Go Away Records (H).


released April 24, 2014

recorded and mixed by Braun Zsolt
mastered by Dominik Kaz at Left Side Studio
songs by Makeshift Promise
cover art by László Márk



all rights reserved


Makeshift Promise Veszprém, Hungary

Down to earth pop punk/melodic hardcore band from Hungary. Send us an email, and we will play in your basement!

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Track Name: Black Eyes
don't settle for the second best! i lead my feet with my heart even when you told me to be still. i moved away. i got some scars i need to heal. though i never seemed to care you're running through my head every day. we walked under the street lights with empty pockets and black eyes. i want to hear what you want to hear so i could say what you want me to say. you’re not as good as you think. i’m not as good as i thought
Track Name: You’re Not As Good As You Think
whenever you say we're on good terms i just want to make it crystal clear. i'm not dicking you over. somebody got to say this to your face. there's a difference between a joke and giving someone the finger expecting them to laught with you cause that's exactly what you did to me yesterday. you better watch your fucking back cause your own words are gonna haunt you down. i hope you know what i'm so angry about. your inflated ego has pushed everyone aside. and i wasn't born to be a saint i know but i never expected this coming from you
Track Name: Tasty Revenge
i'm like a sandwich without cheese. you're bitten out of me i can't recall your taste. mustard and olives still leave me a gap to fill. permanent hunger is all that remains
Track Name: Stapled Mouth
a postcard from l.a. flying over the sea with some flattering awkward lines. within a couple days or so i'm gonna walk right next to you and put an end to all my doubts. i recall your voice preparing for whatever you might say. i've got ten thousand things to tell you. i practice every day! you made me fall like when i fall thanks to a crack in the sidewalks. but there's not much i could do. everyone deserves a chance and i missed mine. how sad, how sad, but i'll be fine! losing grip on the front porch of your house like i have staples in my mouth. don't know how you ever made me think that you were mine. i still choke back my feelings when i think about that night
Track Name: Parking Lot Serenade
this song lasts longer than i care about your made up excuses. your fake intention to fix my fucked up life is just totally useless. i’m gonna shake it off like i shake off the last drop. don’t think that i’m mad when i break bottles in the parking lot. you’re not as good as you think. i’m not as good as i thought. you think that after an age you will be smarter every time you roll the dice but i still tend to loose my way between engaging lies. i’m sick of doing another u-turn and get back to square one. this time i’m gonna give it a rest stay in bed and listen to summer ends